Your boss is expressing gratitude all wrong

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In this week’s edition Kalita tackles a subject that is trickier than in sounds: how to thank your employees.

Because many workplaces cannot have a holiday party this year, company leaders say the season is a chance to rethink what such gestures were really all about in the first place. 

“Gratitude is not about a one-time holiday party, day off, or spot bonus,” said Aron Ain, the CEO of Ultimate Kronos Group, a workplace software company. “It cannot be an afterthought or a check-the-box activity. It is about creating a culture of gratitude.”

He said UKG plans to invest $35 million next year in enhanced benefits programs to acknowledge the extraordinary burdens on caregivers right now. For example, complimentary tutoring and virtual afterschool programs will be offered for the children of employees. 

That’s just one example of what David Novak, former CEO of Yum Brands calls “purposeful recognition.” Kalita goes on to outline 7 specific ways any boss can give employees what they really want this year.

Read her full column here.

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