Viviana Soldano

Viviana Soldano FaBrizio is a glamour and fitness model with a passion for rescuing and caring for dogs. She uses her creative talents to fund raise for the non-profit Amore for Dogs which she started with her husband, Bruce FaBrizio, President/Founder and CEO of Simple Green. Born and raised in Genova, Italy, Viviana is the daughter of world-famous clothing designer, Sergio Soldano who taught her that hard work pays off if you are living your passion and following your dreams.

Viviana did just that by becoming a very successful model and entrepreneur who has found the perfect way to combine her skills. She regularly appears in national and international magazine ads and produces her own projects for Amore for Dogs, as well as modeling and filming TV commercials for Simple Green. Based in Orange County, CA, Viviana and Bruce are getting ready to unveil one of their biggest projects yet, the Amore for Dogs Sanctuary. Inspired by Viviana’s Bichon Frise, Amore, meaning “love” in Italian, this dog haven is the culmination of the foundation’s devotion to rescuing as many dogs as they can with the support of Simple Green as their partner.

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