Tips for Beautiful Living Everyone Should Know

No matter how experienced you are with makeup, there is always space for improvement. Even if you are a master at sketching the ideal cat eye, your hairstyle may be lacking. Or perhaps you have no trouble contouring but have trouble painting your nails evenly. Here are some helpful beauty hints from editors, specialists, and makeup artists that you can all use. Continue reading to find out how to speed up polish drying time, how to stop eyeshadow fallout, and more.

Beauty tip 1: substituting waterproof mascara for regular
Using a waterproof mascara, in the opinion of Maybelline New York Global makeup artist Erin Parsons, can improve the way your lashes hold a curl. It seals in the lift and works like an eyelash perm. Try the Lash Sensational Sky High Waterproof Mascara from Maybelline New York.

Beauty tip 2: Nail polish dries more quickly in ice water
Put your hands in icy water after painting your nails to hasten the drying process.

Beauty tip 3: Make Matte Lipstick with Powder
With little loose powder and a tissue, you can make any creamy lipstick appear matte. Simply apply lipstick on your lips in the chosen hue, cover it with a tissue, and then brush powder along the tissue. The powder provides your favorite lipstick a smooth, matte look while absorbing the shine.

Beauty tip 4: Keep makeup wipes inverted in storage
To prevent drying out, store cosmetic wipes upside down with the package opening facing down. This will enable the product to completely soak through each towelette, beginning with the one you’re going to use next, according to beauty artist Kelli Bartlett. We adore CeraVe’s plant-based hydrating wipes for removing makeup.

Beauty Tip 5: Applying Winged Liner Begin at the Outside Corner
Begin your line at the outer corner of your eyelid to perfect the perfect everyday winged eyeliner. Then, after it is the length you want, start filling in the wing. It is simpler to do this than to extend the line all the way to the inner corner of your eye. The NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Matte Liquid is a fan favorite among editors.

Beauty Tip 6: Utilize tape to collect eyeshadow smudges.

applying a lot of glittering or heavy eyeshadow? To keep the color off of your cheeks and catch any smudges, use tape beneath your eyes.

Beauty Tip 7: Make a DIY lip scrub 

Make your own lip scrub using coconut oil and brown sugar to get rid of chapped lips. You won’t want to skip this step in your routine since exfoliated lips are essential to avoiding your lipstick from pilling.

Beauty Tip 8: Sleep with an extra pillow to avoid puffy eyes

To prevent waking up with puffy eyes, sleep with your head elevated.

Beauty Tip 9 : Cover your eyelids before applying mascara

When applying mascara, hold a business card, spoon, or tissue beneath your eyelashes to prevent from getting on your eyelids.

Tip 10: Braid your hair before going to bed

Make a braid in your damp or dry hair before bed to have beachy waves when you wake up. Setting your hair the night before is the ideal approach to speed up your morning routine.

Beauty Tip 11 : Hairspray Your Bobby Pins

For a stronger hold, spray hairspray over your bobby pins. In order to keep your hair in place, make sure you’re wearing them the right way, with the squiggly side down. The Garnier Fructis Full Control Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray is our top pick.

Beauty Tip 12: Use white or clear lip liner

To prevent your lip color from smearing, use a clear or white lipliner pencil. Just line your lips like you usually do and then fill them in with color.

Beauty Tip 13: Combine your moisturizer and foundation for dewy skin 

By blending your moisturizer and foundation, you can get a dewy sheen. It’s the ideal method for making a full-coverage foundation slightly more sheer and cozy to wear all day.

Beauty Tip 14 : Try the connect-the-dots method 

To consistently apply flawless eyeliner, use the connect-the-dots technique. For beginners, this is a terrific technique to capture the elusive wing.

Beauty Tip 15: Avoid waxing or threading your eyebrows at home

Avoid attempting to thread or wax your eyebrows at home. Instead, pluck them to acquire the ideal shape and just get rid of the hairs that are required. DIY plucking is always preferable, according to celebrity brow specialist Joey Healy, because you’re only taking one hair out at a time rather than yanking out too many.

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