The top 9 acne spot stickers will eliminate blemishes and leave you with a clear complexion.

The worst thing that can happen is getting a spot, especially as an adult. We’ve been told throughout our entire youth and adolescence that these bothersome flaws will vanish once we reach adulthood. Anyone else feel deceived?

This post is for you if you nod in agreement as you read it and perhaps have a pimple or sore place on your face right now.

In an effort to get rid of these dangerous invaders from our faces, we’ve all tried tea tree oils and other blemish-banishing spot treatments. We are aware of the chemicals we require to combat these outbreaks, like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

However, the acne patches and spot adhesives that are currently available have us quite curious. You can wear these to bed and let them work their magic overnight, or discretely wear them throughout the day. They are easy to carry and incredibly unobtrusive. These powerful stickers can even be worn on top of makeup, allowing them to do their magic.

We’ve got you (and your spots) covered if you’re curious about these magical acne-busting stickers like we are but are unsure of where to begin.

How did we test?
We had to wait until a bothersome pimple appeared on our skin before using them, but we did so as soon as we felt a bump or blemish starting to form. We used the stickers overnight as well as over the course of the day while working from home. To properly understand the pimple patches’ magic, we also utilized them on their own, independent of spot treatments or gels.

  • The top stickers for acne spots in 2023 are:
  • The Hero mighty patch original, 24 pack, is the best acne spot sticker overall and costs £7.99.
  • The Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch, 24 per pack, is the best acne spot sticker for drying out spots and costs £4.52.
  • The Nip+Fab salicylic repair spot patches, pack of 30: £7.95, are the best acne spot stickers for a rapid fix.
  • The best acne spot stickers for overnight use are the 24 Clarifying Blemish Stickers from Pixi Beauty, which cost £12.


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