The creator of The Last of Us says that season 2 is “ready to go.”

According to co-creator Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us season two is prepared to spread like a fungus infection when the current Hollywood strikes come to an end.

On-site at the Universal Orlando Resort, where the Halloween Horror the novel Nights haunted tour fascination modeled after the video game parallel is set to open Friday night, the head of game developer Naughty Dog says, “My job is really strange. I’m given input regarding this theme park thing, I’m employed on the TV show, and I’m collaborating on another video game, so I’m simply kind of leaping around on different projects.”

While Mike Aiello, the chief creative officer at Universal Creative, and Druckmann acknowledge that the horrifying attraction is wholly based on the game series, they suggest that “there’s some cool stuff in there” that might be a hint at the direction for season 2 of the TV show might take.

As quickly as the strike is over, we’ll be ready to start production on season 2, adds Druckmann.

He beams when asked if there would be a third installment of The Last of Us video games. I’m unable to comment on the upcoming Naughty Dog game, he says. “That communications manager over there will kill me,”

Following a man known as Joel who forms a bond with a young girl named Ellie while escorting her across the devastated United States after learning she maintains the key to a the potential cure, the Sony PlayStation game series (first published in 2013) and subsequent HBO TV series adapting both follow the world of transformed people contaminated by a vicious fungus.

The locations shown in the tour from Universal Orlando Resort include places like the Pittsburg Isolation Zone & the Hotel Grand, both of which that aren’t mentioned in the TV show and have fresh dialogue from Troy Baker & Ashley Johnson from the original video game. Visitors will also go down underground tunnels where they will run into aggressive humans as well as fearsome enemies including Runners, Bloaters, Stalkers, & Clickers.

Following its January premiere, The Last of Us, featuring Pedro Pascal and Joel , Bella Ramsey as Ellie, immediately rose to the top of the year’s buzz lists, with nearly weekly increases in viewing on the prestigious network. The show received 25 Emmy nominations from the TV Academy, including 25 for Distinguished Drama Series, Outstanding Leading Actor in a Drama actress Pascal, and Outstanding Female Lead Actor in a Drama for Ramsey. This indicates that the project’s popularity extended beyond its target demographic.Showrunner Craig Mazin said in an earlier conversation with Entertainment Weekly that he had already planned out season 2 of the program when Hollywood’s authors and performers went on strike.

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