Ten Simple Ways to Save $5 Every Day

Over the course of a year, saving an extra $5 every day can result in significant savings.

A little extra cash may come in useful if you’re having trouble paying your expenses or simply want to treat yourself without going into debt.

You might increase your monthly budget by almost $150 by setting aside just $5 per day. You could use a little bit more than $1,800 if you saved it up for a year.

Think about these ten simple methods to save $5 every day.

  1. Create your own café beverages.
  2. Utilize cash-back applications.
  3. Give up a pricey vice.
  4. Avoid wasting food.
  5. Abandon delivery.
  6. Delete any unused subscriptions.
  7. Change your pricey gym subscription.
  8. Get rid of your season tickets.
  9. In the evenings, sell items.
  10. Go after side jobs.

Create Your Own Cafe Beverages
You are aware of the cost if you get your coffee or tea from a cafe each morning. Instead, think about making your own. There is a price for that, of course, but find out where to acquire whole beans or ground coffee for the greatest deal (like Costco) or stock up during a market sale. You’ll win out in the end.

Benefit from Cash-Back Apps
On eligible purchases, these applications give their users a modest amount in cash back. When you have amassed sufficient funds, you can withdraw them and have them sent to a selected bank account or payment platform like PayPal. According to Jamison Manwaring, co-founder and CEO of the investment managing firm Neighborhood Ventures, “there are many cash-back apps that cover everything from credit cards to specific retail sites.” “You can utilize these to get cash back on your purchases. A $5 cash back earned is a $5 cash saved, as the saying goes.

Give Up a Pricey Vice
Are there any purchases you make that are simply bad for you? The cost of vices can be high, both financially and in terms of health. For instance, the cost of a daily pack of cigarettes could range from $5 to $10 depending on where you live.

Reducing food waste
Consider all the food you’ve thrown out because it was spoiled. Make a conscious effort to only buy the food you actually need, and in the right quantities, to save $5 every day.

According to Prateeksha Uday, creator of the CutWaste app, “an average four-person family throws away about $1,600 of food each year, which is about $5 a day.” This primarily results from our inability to track everything,

Delivering a Ditch

Almost anything can be delivered to your house. However, if you depend on these services, you might be paying more than you realize.If you frequently use DoorDash to order meals from restaurants, you’ll probably pay up to $4.99 for delivery in addition to a service charge that amounts to about 15% of the total cost. As a result, a $35 supper can end up costing more than $45 before tip.

Regular Amazon purchases might get pricey as well. For orders under $25, shipping costs are presently $5 if you do not have a Prime membership (currently $14.99 per month or $139 annually).

Eliminate Extraneous Subscriptions
Consider yourself a subscriber to the following monthly streaming services: Max Ultimate Plan ($19.99), Disney Basic ($7.99), Hulu (no ads: $14.99), Premium Netflix ($19.99), and Amazon Music ($10.99). Let’s also assume that you additionally pay $19.99 per month for Identity Guard Ultra Plan credit monitoring and $30 per month for a premium podcast subscription.

The total cost of these subscriptions every month is over $125. If they are only draining money from your budget, cancel them and keep the money.

Substitute a Cheaper Health Club Membership
Although maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive, certain gym and health club dues are out of reach. Some gym memberships for just one person might easily cost more than $150 per month.

It may benefit you if you frequent the facilities and take full advantage of them. However, it’s a waste if you can’t recall your most recent visit or you only go once a month. Think about canceling your membership and starting something more reasonably priced, like running or exercising with free YouTube videos.

Get Rid of the Season Tickets
Season ticket purchases may be major-league investments.

For instance, if you’re a fan of the Boston Bruins, the complete season will cost you at least $4,840 (about $13 per day or $400 per month). However, the identical tickets for each game will only cost $110. It will cost you $220 to go to two games every month, saving you roughly $180 per month, or about $6 per day.

Or you might watch the game at home with other supporters for a much lower price.

Sell Items When You Have Free Time
Your budget can be padded by selling things, whether they are new or used.

Sell handcrafted goods or turn a pastime into a side company, advises Tammy Trenta, founder and CEO of Family Financial LLC. “Or, you could sell the clutter you don’t anymore need online or at a yard sale.”

There are various purchasing and selling apps that make this procedure simple if you don’t want to move your stuff into the front yard. It will provide that $5 per day if you can earn just $35 a week by selling your handmade goods or other items that you no longer need.

Consider Gig Jobs
You can find websites where you can operate as a gig worker, such as Fiverr, where people who need freelance work done can advertise projects for as low as $5 each. However, you are free to charge more for your services.

Therefore, think about registering with a website where people who are searching for these kinds of services – and start getting paid for completing them – and consider doing so if you have a skill like website construction, graphic design, resume editing, or music creation.


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