Summer’s are almost here, how to get your body fit in this season

THE SUMMER IS (nearly) upon us. It’s time for extended weekends, longer vacations, great road trips, and relaxing time at home. Children are out of school, and the sun doesn’t go down until well after most adults have finished their workday. With each passing year, the season seems to drag on, especially if you’re a fitness enthusiast eagerly anticipating the day when you can swap out your sleeves, pants, and jackets for tops with tanks, shorts, and sunglasses to venture outside and enjoy the beautiful weather that makes this period of year so appealing.

Increasing temperatures might make that an absolute requirement to keep comfy when you’re traveling and enjoying all the beach days, picnics, and park outings on your social calendar. That summer clothing lets you to show a little more flesh than you generally would throughout the rest of the year. It is now swimsuit season, which can provide its own set of difficulties regardless of if you have quick access to a beach or pool.

Other than during resolution season in January, you’re likely thinking more about your body now than at any other time of the year. That makes sense; you might have experienced certain shifts since last summer, or you might simply be feeling overloaded by the barrage of advice about beach bodies and summer training plans from friends and social media sources. You can experience finding your own definition of “fit” during this season differently, and perhaps not in the best ways.

Here’s a thought: Consider your body’s sensations more than how it conforms to any set standard or pair of swim trunks. Although we believe it’s fantastic for men to set and achieve objectives relating to their physical appearance, we’d prefer you to focus your time and energy, both inside and outside of the gym, on exercises that will improve your mobility so you can do whatever it is you want to do.

While having a good time is the focus of the summer, your workouts should be just as entertaining while you work up an appetite.

That need is met by this page. Before you dive into the lake, ocean, or pool, take a deep dive into these workouts, which are made to push you toward your best summer body. Everything you need, conveniently arranged by muscle group, is right here.

That means arm exercises for biceps, ab exercises for a six-pack, chest exercises for pecs, back exercises for a V-taper, and leg exercises for significant quad and glute growth so you can run, bike, and show a little leg in your new short shorts. Just need to work up a sweat? With a variety of full-body exercises, we also have it covered.

These exercises will get you where you would like to be and will help you build muscle as quickly as possible. Some of these workouts require the use of the entire gym, while others may be accomplished with only the bare necessities you probably already have at home or can carry outdoors so you can exercise outside. Need a concrete strategy to start? Start with an eight-week dumbbell split to develop full-body muscle, which will also improve your mobility. Do you want to go outside and move around? You can take your training outside by choosing from a dozen of our personal favorites. Need equipment for all that backyard, beach, and park fun? Hand-selected by our fitness editors, some of favourite gear for season.

  1. Construct Your ABS
  2. Aim for Your Arms
  3. Cut Your Chest Open
  4. Develop Your Back,
  5. Squeeze Your Legs,
  6. Full Body Flex

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