Strengthen U.S. National Security.

What Business Does

National security includes economic security. When crucial items and technologies are created domestically, America is safer. Today’s rivals and enemies that engage in illicit trade practices, misuse intellectual property (IP), and commit cybercrime pose a threat to the economic success and security of our country. Economic security is also threatened by extreme weather, such as the 6 Category 4 or higher hurricanes that hit the United States in 2017. In order to defend Americans and the American economy, we work on several fronts. We uphold trade law observance, offer cybersecurity tools to combat cybercrime, communicate reliable weather data, and are putting in place a first-responder internet network to safeguard lives and property.

Enforce the country’s security and trade laws

American companies prosper when they engage in worldwide competition on an even playing field. By upholding American trade rules and ensuring that other countries abide by international accords, we try to level the playing field. By enforcing laws that restrict the export of American technology that can be used to create weapons and by keeping an eye on foreign investment that could endanger U.S. national security, we make our country safer. The competitive edge of our innovators is safeguarded overseas by cooperating with foreign governments in enforcing IP rights.

Boosting national cybersecurity

To fully reap the rewards of the digital economy of the twenty-first century, our country and the rest of the world need cybersecurity. One of the major problems of our time is how to keep our interconnected worldwide networks, as well as the equipment and data attached to them, secure. Cybercriminals out for financial gain, nation-states looking to steal trade secrets and jeopardize national security, and terrorists looking to cause mayhem are just a few of the threats that exist across the entire digital ecosystem. We take the lead in addressing this challenge because to our distinct economic approach and extensive technical knowledge.

Reduce the effects of extreme weather

Extreme weather and water disasters have a significant impact on the economy of our country. We are improving our forecast abilities through better data collection and modeling technology to lessen the economic effect of these disasters. Additionally, we are strengthening our capacity to offer emergency managers, water resources managers, and other government organizations at the state, local, and tribal levels accurate, fast, and actionable meteorological information. To make these improvements more quickly and at a reduced cost to taxpayers, we’ll also collaborate with private sector partners.

Put public safety broadband into use

The 9/11 Commission recommended equipping public safety providers with 21st-century communication capabilities to help save lives, investigate crimes, and maintain our communities and emergency responders safe. The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) was established to carry out this proposal. We’ll construct a broadband network for public safety that is dependable, useful, and secure. The increased capacity and coverage will benefit more than 60,000 public safety organizations. Public safety messaging will be based on industry standards for the first time. Lower prices, economies of scale driven by consumers, and a quick evolution of enhanced communication capabilities will all result from this.

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