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Six pack in 4 weeks: exercises to imitate personal trainer Steve Wilson

Fit for the bikini with a six-pack challenge!
Sixpack in four weeks – the exercises to imitate


Get rid of winter fat and make a really good bikini figure in summer – and that in the shortest possible time? No problem! We have the exercises that bodybuilder and personal trainer Steven Wilson from Düsseldorf not only uses to make celebrities fit, but also RTL reporter Madeline Zilch. You can see in the video whether she really has a six-pack after four weeks!

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What personal trainer Steve Wilson recommends
He trains them all: Whether pop singer Helene Fischer, moderators Sophia Thomalla and Verona Pooth or soccer star Leroy Sané, Steven Wilson from Düsseldorf coaches what he can and helps the celebrities to their dream body. RTL reporter Madeline Zilch has now dared the experiment to train with the bodybuilder and personal trainer – and the result is really surprising.

She trained with Steven Wilson for four weeks and paid more attention to a healthy diet. This is the only way to really achieve top results. Madeline Zilch ate a slice of protein bread with scrambled eggs in the morning, a salad for lunch and meat or fish with vegetables in the evening. The food does not necessarily have to be weighed, the main thing is that it is healthy and full of nutrients.

Also important: drink a lot. “In the fourth week, three to four liters of water a day would be best,” says fitness trainer Wilson. If you also treat yourself to a cup of nettle tea a day, you will detoxify and drain your body and achieve your six-pack goal faster. If you are totally disciplined and ambitious, you are welcome to do without salt for four weeks. Because salts bind water in the body and lead to water retention.

This is how the exercises for the six-pack training look like:
As for the exercises, half an hour of bodyweight training every day is enough. After four weeks you are getting closer and closer to the goal of the dream body. So good news for all gym grouches: All exercises are also suitable for at home.

The most effective for a six-pack are sit-ups, planks, but also cardio exercises, so that calories are burned properly.

1. Sit ups
Bodybuilder and personal trainer Steven Wilson from Dusseldorf performs exercises.
Abdominal exercises, such as sit-ups, are particularly effective for a six-pack.
© Steven Wilson’s app “Lenus”
Different sit-up variations are of course a must in a six-pack challenge. Such as the “Site 2 site” exercise Steven Wilson is doing in the picture.

Sit on your mat and keep your upper body bent by supporting yourself on your arms. The legs are drawn towards your body and are held in the air. In a position that is also bent, they are then moved alternately to the left and right and stretched by the body. Repeat this several times. If you prefer “regular” sit-ups, you can start with that, too.
2. Full body workout
Bodybuilder and coach Steven Wilson from Dusseldorf performs various exercises.
Exercises for a full body workout also pay off!
© Steven Wilson’s app “Lenus”
With various exercises, such as the “High Plank Arm & Leg Raise”, the entire body is trained. Also effective: push-up variations and “normal” planks.

On all fours, raise one leg in the air with the opposite arm. So when the right leg is in the air, the left arm is stretched forward away from the body – and vice versa.
3. Stomach, legs and buttocks
Exercises that also specifically train the stomach, legs and buttocks region are extremely important in the six-pack challenge.
© Steven Wilson’s app “Lenus”
Steven Wilson also demonstrates a modification of the “Leg Raises” exercise, in which the buttocks are trained in particular, in his training session.

On all fours, stretch one bent leg away from your body and into the air. Repeat this a few times so that the other leg can be trained afterwards. Keep your arms on the mat and your head straight in line with your spine.
The training for the RTL reporter was so effective
RTL reporter Madeline Zilch is 1.61 meters tall, 28 years old and weighs 65 kilos. She alternately trained the entire body, the region around the stomach, legs and buttocks and just the stomach. She rode her bike five kilometers two days a week to include her cardio units in her training. All exercises and a specially adapted workout plan are available in Steven’s fitness app “Lenus”. You can see in the video how much she was ultimately able to lose and whether her body fat percentage has even decreased. (azi/vdü)

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