Skin slugging is not advised by Dr. Dendy Engelman, the dermatologist who treats Sofia Vergara:

According to Dr. Dendy Engelman, TikTok isn’t necessarily the ideal location to acquire skin care advice.

Board-certified dermatologist Engelman, who has long treated Sofia Vergara, opened up to Us Weekly about the new TikTok beauty craze.

She explained to Us that slugging is a skincare method in which a layer of petroleum jelly or ointment is applied to the skin in an effort to stop trans epidermal water loss and trap moisture. This method tends to be overly occlusive and runs the danger of trapping extra oil, dead skin cells, and acne-causing agents in the skin, so I don’t advocate it.Fortunately for Us, it is possible to obtain the “same results that skin slugging promises to do without occlusion overnight,” according to Engelman, who noted it’s all about having an extensive skincare routine and employing dependable products.
“Clean skin or I is the foundation of every skincare program, so double cleanse with your daily face wash like Cetaphil and your oil cleanser. By utilizing a cream that has humectants (substances that hold onto moisture), like as hyaluronic acid, you can still reap the benefits of slugging, she explained.

Engelman “loves” SkinMedica’s HA5, a hydrating and relaxing product that uses the antioxidants in Vitis flower stem cell extract and peptide complexes to assist regeneration and hydration. (While this item costs $184 at retail, Rhode by Hailey Bieber sells a Peptide Glazing Fluid with comparable qualities for only $29. Also praised by Engelman was the $21 Deep Hydration Skin Restoring Water Gel from Cetaphil.

A vegan epidermal growth factor (EGF), bio-recovery peptides, and a photo retina combination are used in Glo Skin Beauty’s Bio-Renew EGF Cream to profoundly hydrate, heal, and prevent symptoms of aging.

Engelman stated, “EGF stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin, which strengthens our skin barrier and aids in maintaining the youthful appearance of our skin [which is the goal of slugging].”

“This cream is fantastic for any skin type as it gently combats signs of ageing without being unpleasant or occlusive,” she continued. Anyone over the age of 20 who has seen a loss of natural EGF and is seeking to heal the skin in this way should use this product, in my opinion.

Slugging started rising on TikTok earlier this year and has remained hot all summer. Influencers are seen applying copious amounts of Vaseline to their faces in videos of the procedure before bed.

While some people were unaffected by the breach, Engelman claims that it can make acne “worse” for many. People who have oily or acne-prone skin must categorically NOT try this procedure because it could make breakouts worse.

However, Vaseline on its own is not hazardous and, when applied properly, can hydrate dry lips, reduce waxing-related redness, and prevent rough skin on ankles.

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