Meet Matt Jacob

Meet Matt Jacob, taking over the photography world as a true-blue photographic artist.

He specializes in capturing his subjects’ evocative, dynamic, and complex lives.

There are so many individuals and professionals across the world working around their ideas and visions to attract more growth and success for their respective fields and industries. However, do all of them go ahead in attaining massive momentum and success and become prominent names? Well, out of the innumerable talented beings that we see rising each day, a few rare gems stand apart from the rest because they thrive on their passion, commitment, and exceptional ideas that lead them toward their definition of success, even amidst massive competition in their sectors. The artistic and creative field like photography also is one among them that has given birth to many such passionate beings over the years, but one name that has still stood different from the rest is Matt Jacob.

Matt Jacob is not your average guy with an average success story; he is beyond all of this and has shown his excellence as a photographic artist specializing in capturing his subjects’ evocative, dynamic, and complex lives. He says his passion for art has allowed him to truly understand the essence of different perspectives and the “why” behind different forms of human nature. He specializes in authentically encapsulating a moment from all angles within a photograph and a story over a collection. Matt Jacob believes that his fearlessness in capturing a subject’s story helps his pictures stand out, and to date, he loves capturing untold stories of unfamiliar life.

Matt Jacob highlights that his favorite style is Environmental Portraiture, as it not only is about an individual’s face but also a context as to the subject’s environment, habitat, or meaningful landscape. He has been a traveler all his life. His love for traveling cannot just be attributed to his passion for photography but also his interest in people, to look beyond their faces and capture the raw emotions that exude their cultures. He had begun his journey in photography with a disposable camera and wished to become a pilot. However, getting diagnosed with cancer changed many things in his life and made him realize what it meant to be truly alive, which led him to capture a series of moments in his life, watching, understanding, and creating snapshots, which further increased his passion for the art.

The ace photography artist hopes to diversify photography into a full-time business involving travel and purposeful projects for charities and NGOs in the future. Also, he wants to complete four more travel projects and open up a studio.

Matt Jacob has immersed himself in the photography world and has spoken emotions through each of his pictures.

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