Once the done with graduation from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and working for a few local design firms, Perla Lichi established her own design practice—Perla Lichi Design—in1990. She is a Florida State licensed interior designer who has designed hundreds of residential and
commercial projects around South Florida, around the USA, and around the world. She is a
specialist in art history, color theory, and space planning. Her portfolio displays an extensive
range of interior styles, from sleek contemporary to sumptuous classic or a “modern fusion”
somewhere in between.
Perla Lichi Design is a full-service interior design company headquartered in Pompano Beach,
Florida. Perla and her team welcome inquiries about all types of interior design projects. They
are especially skilled at whole house design, from concept to installation. This could be new
construction or a remodeling project. Perla and her team provide a thoughtful, experienced
approach to each project and tailored to meet each client’s requirements. Perla has received
numerous awards and honors during her career in professional interior design.
“We are all about analyzing existing spaces, helping each client
develop their own unique vision, and coming together to create
unique spaces designed for today’s lifestyles.

At Perla Lichi Design we design in every sense of the world. We design concepts, spaces,
processes, solutions, ideas and brands. We do understand that the design is more than just
aesthetics. It is a multifaceted, organic process. It is about creating experiences. We approach
each project as a partnership of passion, drawing on our diverse pool of talent to create original
solutions. We empower our team to express their individuality, to innovate, to challenge the
status quo.

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