Lee Ingelrest

Lee Ingelrest
Living in Belgium (Gent)
Born on September 18 in 1999

My dad was a famous professional boxer so,
I started boxing at the age of 7
He taught me boxing.
At the age of 15 (2015) I did my first amateur fight directly for the Belgium title, but i lost close on points.
After that I started winning alot.
The next year I won the flemish & Belgium championship with the amateurs(2016)

I always had a lot of fans/support with me because I have all my dad’s fans, my own friends, the Hells Angels Motorclub, and the Ghentian football team hooligans. They all come to my fights to support me.

I turned pro in 2020 since then I won every professional fight(4-0-0) & one with a brutal Knockout.
Weight: light heavyweight (81kg)

Futur’s goal is to go on internships in other countries,
to get more experience & to win the Belgian or maybe the European championship with the professionals

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