Jodee Singz

As we uncover fresh , young talent , Jodee Singz takes us behind the scenes of how she put together a remix of ” Yon Ti Mo ” originally performed by World wide artist Emeline Michel , and the shooting with Haitian – American videographer , Woodson Vixama of DZK Image . Jodee goes into detail on how difficult it was to shoot her first music video ” Yon Ti Mo. ” She elaborates on how it took a toll on her not only mentally but physically as well . ” It was a dream come true , yet , a nightmare to come , ” she states . Her main concern was not the musical aspect of the song , but per say the imagery . She elaborates on how the Haitian Music Industry are very critical on plus size women , but yet it was a risk she was willing to take . Jodee says , ” The minute the came started rolling , I knew it was time to put up the wall of Jodee and take down the shy girl act . ” Jodee in addition explains deeper on how the shooting was time consuming , with excessive movements to many different areas and locations , she was not ready to face what had yet to come . We ask the young artist , what made her choose to remix this specific song ? Her answer , is that the song spoke to her in what she was feeling in the moment . She states , ” sometimes you are so in love , yet so scared to say the ” L ” word . And even more terrified to give your heart . ” Jodee opens up about how she watch so many people in her generation talk about falling in love but scared to display it , so this song was to give a little assistance on how to express it . Jodee sums up everything altogether by stating how in the end of all her hard work , she managed to learn self acceptance . She elaborates on her struggle with self confidence , especially infront of AL the camera . Though filled with insecurities , accepts the way she is and hopes the public does too . ” Yon Ti Mo ” by Jodee Singz is out now , streaming on all platforms , and major radio stations . Stay tuned for more .

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