James Vu

Almost unknown until recently, Peruvian Cuisine is conquering the palates of the most renowned chefs worldwide. Peru’s wild choice of fresh ingredients and the gentle blend of immigrant traditions -such as Spanish, African, Chinese, or Japanese- have created one of the World’s most unique and delicious cuisines.

The Peruvian cuisine is an important expression of its own culture. Thanks to Peru’s three regions and ocean there are an abundance of markets that offer a variety of fresh ingredients. Our mission at La Brasa, and what we pride ourselves on, is preparing everything fresh to order and to match traditional Peruvian flavors as closely as possible so foodies can get the most authentic.

Let Executive chef Vu take you on a journey that will be evident not just in the ingredients used, but also in the care and precision put into executing every dish.
Famous Polla a La Brasa  Craft Cocktails and South American Beers  Variety of Sides with Authentic Flavor  South American and Asian Fusion Flavors If you are looking for a truly unique Chef experience for your next meal, look no further.

Chef James Vu has written the menu for La Brasa as a unique interpretation of the dishes that he has tasted from around the world. The unique flavors used provide a fusion twist into many different culinary cultures. As a local small business owner, husband to a loving beautiful wife, and father of two amazing little kids,

Chef Vu wants to extend an invite out to all of you to La Brasa International Kitchen which as established September 20, 2013. “I aim to provide Latin cuisine made from scratch & use only the freshest ingredients.
My family and I can’t thank the community enough for your continued support and hope to gain many more in days, months, & years to come.” Established in 2013, La Brasa International Cuisine is located inside the historic

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