In the UK, Prada Beauty has debuted, and we want everything.

Many people even appreciate a whiff or two of Prada’s scents, making it a well-known and enduring reputation in the world of fashion. But now that the high-end fashion business has debuted its own beauty line, everyone has obviously gone a little crazy over it.

Fans of Prada will be happy to note that the new line of cosmetics and skincare upholds the brand’s reputation for classic designs with the occasional pop of color and splash of quirkiness.

The exploration of Prada Beauty includes two collections: Prada Skin and Prada Color, which are appealing to both devoted Prada wearers and those who are new to the fashion house.

On August 1, 2023, the eagerly awaited cosmetics line debuted with LOreal, which had taken over product development after purchasing the scent license from Prada back in 2019. From £29.50 for a lipstick to an obscene £315 for a face serum, prices range widely.

Read on for a list of our favorite products if you’re as thrilled about this new collection as we are but aren’t sure what to put in your shopping cart.

Its perfect to put in Your pocket for every occasion, and its highly pigmented formula for its eye-shadow palette features a hybrid creamy powder texture to make stress free with blending and layering.

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