How “Suits” became popular four years after it first aired

The most popular show of summertime is “Suits,” a television series that was cancelled four years ago.
The nine-season drama, which aired on the United States Network from 2011 to 2019, surpassed “Manifest,” that had 2.49 billion viewing minutes, to set a new record for the most hours watched by an acquired series on Netflix, corresponding to the Hollywood Reporter.
You might think that “Suits” is currently all over the place. And it is, for that reason. With more than 20 million hours seen, the first season of “Suits” was the ninth most viewed series on the streaming service from July 17 to July 23 (its fourth consecutive week in the Top 10).

As reported by Brandon Katz, a sector consultant with Parrot Analytics, demand for “Suits” increased by 27% in the very first month after it debuted on Netflix in comparison to the month before.
The resurgence of “Suits” is attributed to a number of things, including its cast, its episodes, and the natural expansion that it has had on social media.
The character of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) from the television series “Suits” leverages his photographic memory to swindle his way into a position as a legal associate for renowned litigator Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). (Ross didn’t go to law school.) As Ross keeps his secret a secret, Ross and Specter succeed in a number of cases throughout the show.

On “Suits,” a number of well-known people have made appearances, including Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex, who portrayed Rachel Zane, a paralegal who aspired to advance in the law company. The show debuted before Meghan started dating Prince Harry, and Katherine Heigl joined after Meghan departed. The series ended in 2019, but lately followed in the paths of shows like “Breaking Bad,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “The Office” – renowned shows that have gained additional life through streaming to viewers who might have missed the initial run.

The hash tag #SuitsOnNetflix is currently trending on X, the website formerly known as Twitter, demonstrating how the streaming victory has spread to social media. Fans are highlighting their favorite parts, while users of the TikTok app have submitted videos of others parodying and reenacting scenes.
The series has received favorable reviews from viewers and has a ratings value on Rotten Tomatoes of 87 percent. Reviews from the final week of July from viewers help to explain why the show is popular.
“Each episode makes you eager to watch the next one. I refer to it as my guilty pleasure,” one audience member wrote.

However, “Suits” hasn’t always been a favorite. Since its inception, it has been widely criticized for being “ludicrous” and “nonsensical” due to its cast and plot. Others noted that it faced a few obvious problems, including the fact that Ross and Specter were legal experts in every facet of the law, the speed at which cases were resolved in court, and the premise’s applicability to actual circumstances.

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