How Pregnant Chanel Iman Fights Challenging Skin Changes

Skin awareness is at an all-time high thanks to Chanel Iman.

The third pregnancy for the 32-year-old supermodel, who is also expecting, has caused significant skin changes. Iman spoke exclusively to Us Weekly while promoting Aveeno’s Skin Visibility campaign, which aims to address the skin health inequities affecting Black women and women of color. “When I was younger, I never had sensitive skin — but now that I’m getting older, I do — especially with my pregnancies,” Iman said. The program initiatives for this year include a partnership with Health in Her Hue, which attempts to connect women of color with medical professionals who are aware of their cultural needs. 500 free premium subscriptions for an entire year will be provided by Aveeno. Iman, who represents the Skin Visibility initiative as an ambassador, enthused to Us about how Aveeno made her life simpler.

“This dry skin just appeared overnight. It stings. My eyes are irritated. My skin has recently changed, and my two daughters have also been identified as having eczema, Iman said. (Iman and her ex-husband Sterling Shepard, whom she divorced in June 2021, have two daughters together: Cali, age 4, and Cassie, age 3. In May, the couple reached a divorce agreement. Iman and her fiancé Davon Godchaux are now expecting their first child together.) Iman continued, “My youngest still struggles, but my oldest grew out of it, and Aveeno has greatly eased my mind. “With [Cassie], things have become so terrible that she can no longer participate in typical youngster activities like going to the beach. She frequently has trouble falling asleep since her skin is so itchy all night. (Research and development manager at Aveeno Jipsha Thakrar told Us that while eczema can affect people of any age, it can also be brought on by specific diets.)

Iman claimed that Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm had caused a change, though. Oat oil, which is present in abundance in the product, seeks to offer long-lasting relief and calm troublesome areas. She said that this bedtime balm really makes her feel cozy.

Iman’s own skin has been the most “patchy” throughout this pregnancy, according to her, and she uses Aveeno’s Tone + Texture Daily Renewing Lotion to moisturize dry areas of her body. Iman stated, “I use this all day long, when I’m getting myself ready, while running errands, before I go to bed. Being pregnant, “I take about three to four showers a day and apply after every one.” The Tone + Texture product works as both an exfoliant and a moisturizer, working to soften and even one’s skin complexion.

Consistency, according to Iman, is the key to getting outcomes for herself and her daughters.

She urged expectant mothers to take action as soon as they notice changes in their skin. “Maybe the reason I’m experiencing a lot of problems with my skin just now and with this third pregnancy is that I wasn’t consistent with skincare throughout my other pregnancies,” she added.


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