Harry Styles’ Pleasing hires the first CEO to expand the company

Harry Styles created the direct-to-consumer beauty and lifestyle company Pleasing in November 2021. As it names its first-ever CEO, the company is moving into its next chapter of expansion.

Shaun Kearney, who has 25 years of expertise, comes from Goop, the Gwyneth Paltrow-founded wellness and lifestyle company where he most recently served as chief design and merchandising officer. His top aims at Pleasing will be to expand the company’s creative and collaborative community, add new categories, and diversify its product offering. To broaden its reach, Kearney is also entrusted with creating “strategic” alliances.

We are overjoyed that Shaun has joined the Pleasing team. As we begin the next phase of Pleasing, his amazing vision and vast knowledge will be crucial,” remarked Styles in statement.

At a time whenever male celebrities are talking more about appearance and grooming and entering the market with their own beauty products, Kearney joins Pleasing. While the market for colour cosmetics for men is still quite small, young consumers are fascinated on Pleasing’s jovial selection of nail polishes, other goods, and videos on social media sites like TikTok.

Pleasing serves as a continuation of Styles’ realm, bringing customers a little bit closer to his reality. Styles has stayed out of the spotlight, departing his brand in the hands of co-creative directors Harry Lambert and Hailey Bieber, in contrast to other celebrity-led beauty brands where the stars are more overtly involved with the development and marketing of their products, like Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty or Hailey Bieber’s Rhode.

For his debut Spring/Summer 2023 exhibition at Paris Fashion Week, Brazilian fashion designer Marco Ribeiro and Pleasing launched their cooperation in September. For its first anniversary and the holiday season, Pleasing opened a series of global pop-up shops in November 2022 in London, New York, and Los Angeles to promote its fifth collection, Super Magic Family Time.

In a statement, Kearney adds, “I am thrilled to be joining Pleasing as we position the brand for future scale and success.” We have a special chance to improve people’s lives and broaden our product selection by utilizing a variety of lifestyle verticals and business channels.

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