‘Hamilton’ the musical and the seductive danger of nostalgia

In our last newsletter of the year, we take some time to ask some big questions about 2020. Who lives, who dies, who tells our story?

But first, here’s your COVID-19 vaccine week in review, in Haiku.

Happiness is a 
slow jab; a syringe of hope 
served cold offered to

all. What does it mean
to save the entire world?
One jab, two jabs for

parties and dances
and all of the holidays,
sitting at tables

eating and making
merry. Happiness will be
laughing together

grieving together,
being together. What will
we do with this chance?

Stay safe while making your merry this holiday season. We see and appreciate all of you. RaceAhead will return on January 5, 2021. Let’s do the most with the chances we’ve got, together.

Ellen McGirt

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