With a career spanning over 30 years, Mr. Coutinho’s client service skills are widely recognized, and he is an in-demand speaker and auctioneer. He is a director of RT Edgar Boroondara, in Melbourne, Australia, and has been amongst the top 10 real estate agents in Australia for the past six years running. In Australia, Mr Coutinho is a licensed auctioneer and has conducted over 8000 auctions to date in his career. Glen is following his sons, Mason and Jules, music career in LA.

Glen was bestowed with the prestigious award of number 4 agent in Australia, in 2015 he was awarded number 6 agent in Australia.

Besides being in the Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Australia for over a decade, Glen has also won International Awards, to name a few are – “Most respected and longest serving real estate agent” – 2018 M&A World Global Awards; “Sales Director of the Year, Bronze Award” – 2018 International World Stevie Awards and several awards over the years.

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