Fusión Latina

Fusión Latina, musical duo from Los Angeles California. Artists with a great career as soloists and now teaming up in the same dream. Yanirey from México and Alonso from Chile. It is a Fusion of Latin rhythms, cultures, traditions and a lot of passion in their voices, dances and especially in the compositions of their lyrics and also in the musical mixes, carrying it out in the urban pop genre. Very accepted in social networks for their charisma, good vibes and freshness. Always delivering everything in every show, post, and even every music video. It is worth mentioning that “Fusión Latina” in addition to being singers, they are professional dancers and they create everything with their same imagination and talent due to the great audiovisual work they do. Now playing on different radios internationally.

Currently they have just released their latest song called “perfecta imperfection” which is now available on all digital platforms along with the official video that is already available on youtube.
His music videos are always inspiring in real life stories so that his fans feel more identified with his lyrics.
Many people admire them for their talent in both singing and dancing.

Mi Gente
Valió la pena
Premio Mayor
Perfecta imperfección

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