Expert-Recommended Techniques for Weight Loss Without Exercise

Dietary adjustments and frequent physical activity are the most efficient ways to lose weight. Can you lose weight without exercising, though? According to the doctor Scott A. Cunneen, head of bariatric and metabolic surgery at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, exercising helps your body burn calories more effectively.

Exercise increases metabolism, making it an organic companion to altering one’s diet in order to lose weight. According to Tamar Duker Freuman, a licensed nutritionist with New York’s Gastroenterology Associates, you can quickly lose weight by controlling your food, consuming less calories, and burning them off through activity.

However, for some people, engaging in physical activity is simply not an option when attempting to lose weight. This could be due to an injury, impending surgery, a painful medical condition, a lack of ambition, or any number of other factors.

Losing weight could take longer for you if you are unable to exercise. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing because, according to certified dietician Jill Weisenberger, author of online courses for persons with diabetes, losing weight gradually can make it easier for you to keep it off than sudden weight loss.

While exercise is crucial for good health in general, it’s not the sole factor that influences outcomes.

“Oftentimes we underestimate the effect that physical activity has on calories burned, but the most significant things you can do for losing weight is to concentrate on developing healthy eating habits, drinking water, managing your stress, and sleeping well,” says Ashley Bannister, a licensed nutritionist as well as mentor with weight-loss app Noom in New York City.

It is possible to lose weight without exercising, but it requires more preparation and commitment. You’ll need to put more effort into reducing your calorie intake while making sure you still eat healthful foods. According to research, altering one’s diet is the key to effective and long-lasting weight loss.

1. Remain patient with the procedure, first.
Even when you are able to exercise, it can be difficult to lose weight quickly, such in the weeks leading up to surgery. It’s crucial to understand that it may take longer and you might experience difficulties because you can’t move around as much.

Consistency is essential. There is no one solution that works for everyone, asserts registered dietitian Erin Palinski-Wade of Sparta, New Jersey. The best strategy for long-lasting loss of weight is to embrace long-lasting lifestyle habits.

2. Consider the size of your dish and manage your portions.
Playing about with the plate size and how much you eat is a frequent weight loss method.

Amy Kimberlain, a registered dietitian with a practice in Miami and a representative for the National Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, advises using a smaller salad dish for grain and proteins and an extra-large supper plate for non-starchy veggies for dinner. This encourages you to eat more of the low-calorie vegetables. Another plate suggestion: Heidi Katte, a registered dietitian and the chair of the department of health education at Milwaukee Metropolitan Technical College in Milwaukee, suggests not to deny yourself if you are at a holiday or special occasion with a few of your favorite desserts. Use a tiny dish to serve oneself a portion as opposed to a huge one.

According to Weisenberger, portion control can be challenging, particularly at American restaurants where we’re used to getting obscenely large meals.

3. Consume plenty of salads and soups.
Before your main course, you frequently have the choice of a salad or soup, explains Lesley Bonci, sports nutritionist for the Chiefs of Kansas City and proprietor of the nutrition company Active Eating Advice. You can load up on fibre before eating your entrée if you choose for a more nutritious soup or salad. If you’re already feeling a little full, you’ll consume fewer of the main course and may even forego dessert.

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