Coronavirus updates: Virus may have grown more contagious;

Britain may intentionally infect volunteers; kids won’t be vaccinated for awhile

Help could be on the way. The United Kingdom is considering a plan to intentionally infect healthy volunteers to expedite a determination on which vaccine candidates are effective. And Johnson & Johnson has started the final testing phase of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, the first to reach this point requiring a single dose.

President Donald Trump suggested he may overrule the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s attempt to set a higher standard for vaccine approval. He called the FDA plan “a political move,” while the agency said it’s an effort to gain public trust.

The U.S. coronavirus case count, meanwhile, has now surpassed the estimated populations of all but 12 states. In Canada, which has nearly 150,000 confirmed cases, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the country is facing a second wave of the virus.

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