I started my fitness journey when I was 15 years old. I was skinny fat – 21.2% body fat and 160 pounds at 5’10”. I absolutely hated where I was, I wouldn’t even take my shirt off to go swimming. I tried every type of exercise class with no results, because they missed a portion of the puzzle – nutrition.

I began seriously studying nutrition, exercise, diet and bodybuilding. Knowledge is power and I refused to remain ignorant about my health any longer. With my newfound knowledge, I shaved my body fat down to 6.1% within six months. I was now about 150 pounds but had insufficient muscle mass. It was time for muscle gains. Again, I began expanding my knowledge and experimented with numerous training philosophies and diet approaches. Slowly but surely I had a physique I was proud of.

I became a personal trainer in 2008 for a large “box gym.” I became a leading trainer for the company and was highly in demand with clients from the area. I quickly realized I would be better able to serve my clients and support their goals without the restrictions and limiting philosophy of a corporate “big box” gym.
Fast forward to today, I currently train clients out of Battle Ground Fitness along with online coaching. I train all body types, every fitness level and any goal – losing weight, achieving better health, putting on a little mass, competition prep, bodybuilding or just increasing overall fitness. I prefer a “lead from the front” approach with my coaching, so keeping up on current ideas and philosophies is something I always strive to do. Take a look at some of our success stories to see what our clients have to say.

I’ve personally competed in bodybuilding since 2010 – I’ve won the Bodybuilding Overall as a Heavyweight at 2013 Seven Feathers, 2015 Pacific Coast Cup, and even the 2015 Emerald Cup. I have been voted “Top Fitness Trainer” by The Columbian Newspaper and I’m on the featured athletes page of NPC Oregon.

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