Celebrity Jeweler on the Rise

Saki Mihalakos is a former College Football Player and Coach who has transformed the Jewlery profession into his canvas since changing his career path. He’s taken his Skillset of creativity and motivating the younger generation of players on the field in coaching to creating masterpieces with his Artwork through Jewlery for them off the field in his new found profession.
Only in his 2nd year of running his personal business and brand Saki Diamonds which focuses on High End luxury Jewelry and Custom Work, he has created some of the biggest pieces in the Jewelry Industry for Top Level Pro Athletes specifically in the NFL as well as college football. He is the first jeweler to shoot a commercial with his clients, specifically with Quick books with two of the top 10 NFL draft picks at this years 2022 NFL draft. Pretty impressive if you ask me.
“It’s always been about the guys, wether it was playing and coaching and now with my Company.”
Saki grew up in the inner city of Jacksonville FL where his immigrant Parents came from Greece to the US for a better Life and Opportunities.

It was his upbringing that taught him how to Work Hard and make something of himself.
“We didn’t have much but we had each other and most importantly we had our Faith In God and that’s what kept us.” He credits his work ethic from watching how hard his mother worked to provide for his family.
As the CEO of Saki Diamonds he wants to make sure people are aware that his location in Jacksonville FL is the new one stop shop for High End Luxury Jewelry & Custom work.

What makes Saki Diamonds stand out is the unique designs and expression of Artwork through Jewelry wether it be bringing clients visions to life from sketch to final product or creating new visions!
The Take Over has just begun, and is not limited to just Jacksonville but across the country and around the globe people will soon know that Saki Diamonds is the way to go when it comes to Quality work and Top level Craftsmanship in Jewelry.
Everybody is welcomed to be apart of the TAKE OVER! Don’t miss out on the experience.

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