Marcel Yoshida: An interview with one of the most innovative Managers in the Automotive Industry

“The Path of Excellence”

Customer loyalty goes through transparency and accessibility in the relationship. The path to excellence in customer care in the automotive sector passes through two points, in the opinion of Marcel Yoshida, director of Aftersales at Audi: transparency and accessibility. The first comes through processes and behaviors governed by quality in every detail of the service. “This is fundamental, mainly in the luxury segment in which Audi operates”, he comments.

Within this, Audi invests in innovations aimed at customer satisfaction, according to Yoshida. As the main action, he cites the implementation of the Audi Top Service, a global loyalty strategy through excellence in every detail: appearance, behavior, processes, and offering premium services. In addition, it creates customer-oriented marketing events, such as the Audi Driving Experience, which includes a day of testing the cars on a race track, as well as a professional driving course. “These investments contributed to the growth of Audi Brazil not only in sales volume but also in customer satisfaction with after-sales services”, he celebrates. The automaker is also investing in opening a Parts Distribution and Technological Training Center for the Dealer Network, in São Paulo. In the new space, the company foresees the possibility of increasing the stock and making the service to customers and dealerships even more agile.

Regarding accessibility, Yoshida reinforces the need to be present in different relationship channels with customers to meet all their needs. Within this, the director considers it essential to have flexibility, technology, and innovation. “Flexibility in serving all available traditional channels (SAC, Telesales, Help Desk, Ombudsman, Web), but also in innovating by listening to market and customer demands, using technology to meet these demands”, he explains.

As an example of innovation, Yoshida cites Audisfera, a platform that brings together all the information about Audi and the Premium segment circulating on the internet. In addition, there is Guto Klein, a fictitious user active on Facebook and Audisfera. It is the representation of the brand’s consumer profile and guides users in the discussions generated within the site. The journalist, who assumes the role of Guto Klein, is responsible for receiving, filtering, and selecting information in the Audisfera, validating its importance within the Audi universe, and publishing the content.

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