Allen Gabriel Surgeon and Injector

When Dr. Allen Gabriel looked up and saw Dr. Patrick Maxwell standing across the operating table from him on Wednesday, things had come full circle. 

And then, when Maxwell took a retractor from Gabriel during the surgery last week to free up 

Gabriel’s hands and give his shoulders a rest, Gabriel had to pause and reflect on what was 

happening inside the operating room at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver

“Do you realize youre doing what I used to do for you?Gabriel recalled telling Maxwell. 

The genesis for Gabriels observation stretches back to when the now 46year-old Vancouver 

plastic surgeon was a 34yearold fellow training under Maxwell in Nashville, Tenn. Gabriel used to 

assist Maxwell by holding his retractor, among many other things. Then last week, their positions 

inverted temporarily, when Maxwell traveled to Vancouver to film surgery educational videos with 

his mentee Gabriel, who trained under him from 2007 to 2008

The roles were completely reversed this time,Gabriel said in a phone interview Thursday

It was the first time Maxwell has filmed videos in Clark County, even though he and Gabriel have 

collaborated on other videos, textbooks, papers and creating or refining innovative surgical 


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