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How to find love for a busy career-oriented woman:
Alina Rose Taking key steps to fall in love with yourself is the key to meeting your soul mate, says leading Aussie dating coach Alina Rose
Alina Rose is Australia’s leading dating and relationship coach who helps women over the age of 35, meet their soul mate.

“We all deserve to live our destiny,” she says. “We all deserve to have a partner that loves, celebrates and supports us – without being intimidated by our success. Life is meant to be happy, pleasurable, meaningful.”

If you are an amazing woman, yet single and confused why you haven’t met your soulmate, Alina Rose says it’s because you don’t take enough time to fill your own emotional cup and therefore disconnect from your needs.

“It’s important to refocus on the relationship with yourself,” she explains, “because as women, we need to be making decisions and raise families and communities from a place of strength and inner power, rather than depletion, overwhelm and fear”. Through her coaching programs, Alina Rose is committed to women being confident, having a voice, personal power both in and out of their intimate life. A life coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner for over 10 years, she curated, personalised, customised 6-month journey called The Diamond Codes that will transform your
whole life – not just re-boot your love life.

“There is an upgrade to EVERY area of your life. Your inner core at the end of this program will be confident and unshakeable. “I’m with you all the way with honest and objective feedback, straight-up and practical support, regular phone and email check- ins and access to over 100 transformational tools and ideas.”

“If you want to transform yourself, gain true confidence and radiate your full feminine power, this process is for you. You will become completely irresistible as you shine with your gifts – and when you fall in love with yourself, others will too.”

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