Analucia Beltran

Analucia Beltran (Lucy Beltran) is a TV Host, GIA Certified Diamond Expert and Jewelry Designer with over 12 years of International experience in the Luxury Goods Industry.
She has served as Global Brand Ambassador for a number of Fine Jewelry Brands, hosting events onboard cruise ships, the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and appearing on international Home Shopping television as a Guest Host for TV Networks in Canada, US and Australia.

NYC Diamond District Trained & GIA Diamond Certification
Shopping Presenter
& TV Host Onboard
-Royal Caribbean
-Princess Cruises
Corporate Trainer & Event Manager
For EFFY Canada
– TV Host –
Interviewing Mr. EFFY Hematian
EFFY Jewellery
– Luxury Goods Professional –
At JCK Vegas
-Shopping Television U.S. –
Sold out shows for EFFY Jewellery on
Hundreds of best selling live tv shows for diamonds, precious, semi precious gemstones and all fine jewellery since 2015
Analucia currently holds the record for TSC Canada
“Diamond Show” sales $1,100 000
(Record in 30 years of the network history)
Shopping Television –
For Korite Ammolite as their Global Brand AmbassadorAnalucia Beltran Diamonds “Real Diamonds for Real Women ™”Analucia Beltran Diamonds is a celebration of all the hard work that women put into their every day lives.Our mission is to make possible to own diamonds for every day glamour that are precious, sustainable and more attainable thanks to technology, with Lab Grown Diamonds.

Real Diamonds For Real Women™

As seen on

Royal Solara 18K Gold Diamond AA Grade Pendant

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